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Estate Planning

Leaving a legacy is a priority for many individuals. A well crafted and properly executed estate plan can help assure that your needs and desires are taken care of and that your legacy transitions as efficiently as possible. As financial advisors, a common mistake we see is an inadequate or incomplete estate plan which can prove costly in terms of time, money and/or family relations.

We strongly recommend finding a well qualified attorney to assist you in the estate planning process. Once you and your attorney have completed and properly executed your estate documents, we can assist with the re-titling of assets held with our firm. If your accounts are consolidated in one institution as we recommend, the re-titling process is simplified. In the event an estate needs to be administered, once again consolidation makes the process much easier.

As advisors to multiple generations of families, we have seen the benefits of a properly drafted and executed estate plan.

No legacy is so rich as honesty.
~William Shakespeare~